xSoteria® Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use xSoteria®?

There are ethical (the #1 reason), financial, and litigious reasons to use xSoteria® from a user’s, administrator’s, and organization’s perspective. To simply break down the benefits, xSoteria® can help:

  1. create crowd monitoring at events so that if someone sees a non-emergency situation that makes them feel uncomfortable, they can reach out to event hosts for deescelatation. We’ve even heard stories where the mere idea that xSoteria® can be used at an event creates deterrence - preventing people from even considering malicious behavior since they are being monitored by everyone at the event.
  2. oversee the whereabouts of family and friends so that you can receive alerts if they arrived back from an event.
  3. monitor admissions by sending and verifying digital invitations.
  4. users identify the appropriate resources to contact that goes beyond the scope of an event (think of on and off campus resources, national hotlines, etc.).

Ultimately, a world with xSoteria® is better than a world without - preventing situations that directly put your guests in harm's way as well as the unintended aftermath of a potential fallout involving your members, students, organization, or even institution.

xSoteria® can be used at college on-campus events like a fraternity party, college off campus events like a formal or house party, high school after school activities like a football game, debate tournament, and prom, a corporate social function like a christmas party; and more...

A user should reach out if they themselves feel uncomfortable or see someone else feeling uncomfortable in a non-emergency situation. Even if a user isn’t entirely sure about what is happening to someone else, it doesn’t hurt to reach out to a monitor so they can check in to make sure everyone is okay. At an event, you may see: an unidentified guest who you think may not have been invited, someone who is stumbling around the event (potentially implying intoxication), or someone being creepy who is looking suspicious.

Yes, you can change the location of your venue on the app.

Yes, you can decide whether your event, on any given day, is invite only or open to all.

Yes, you can reach out to the monitor of any event you attend.

Yes, you can check-in to as many events as you attend.

You have the ability to choose which monitors at an event can receive your message. Out of the ones you choose, the monitor you are paired up with is the first one who accepts your message.

Events are location based, so guests who aren’t within the radius of your event, will not be able to reach out to a monitor.

When a guest reaches out to a monitor, the monitor does not see the name of the person reaching out on the app. Sometimes, guests actually disclose their name to the monitor during times they don’t care about being anonymous and prefer the monitor knows who they are. As a guest, you will be able to see the name of the monitor you are messaging on the app.

Here’s an article explaining the feature more in-depth

For a university organization, we typically see exec boards sign-in as monitors at an event. For a high school or corporation, the main point of contact at your institution can select who is given monitor access - typically an administrator of an event.

Monitors receive constant push notifications reminding them to accept a message. Guests receive notifications reminding them of alternative options if a monitor doesn’t respond timely.

Monitors are told to report the guest on the app so they can be reviewed by administration.

Depending on our relationship with the university, they may request to see anonymized information so they can track the success of the xSoteria initiative. For instance, how many students downloaded the app, how many organizations are using the platform at their events, etc.

Protecting your data is our top priority. We use a FERPA compliant infrastructure on the back-end and adhere to cybersecurity industry standards. We have successfully completed extremely rigorous IT tests from ivy league and prestigious institutions.

Definitely not! If you feel like you can check-in on a situation safely, please do so! xSoteria is not a substitute for current bystander intervention practices, but rather another tool in the toolbox for when intervention obstacles make xSoteria the preferred medium for intervention.

Immediately call 911. xSoteria is not to be used for emergency situations.

We offer the ability to customize and integrate our training modules with the ones you currently provide to your students, members, or employees. Our training modules are reviewed by experts in the field of bystander intervention and are highly customizable and scalable, so that everyone at your institution can go through xSoteria’s training at their own pace and convenience.

You can report them on the xSoteria app.

Feel free to reach out to support@xsoteria.com. We typically respond within the hour. Look forward to hearing from you!

We charge an annual fee based on the total number of members at an institution. This price is discounted as the total number of members increases.