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xSoteria® is founded on the principle that we should all feel comfortable and safe in educational and social settings.

Every person has the inherent right to live in a safe space.

Join the xSoteria® initiative to help increase safety and to do the right thing for those around you.

We can create a safer world together. Here's how...

We are in a position to act.

@ High Schools

Kids are present during 9 out of every 10 incidents of bullying, but intervene ... less than 20% of the time.

Signe Whitson (Crisis Intervention Expert)

@ Universities

"Among the bystanders [who witnessed a sexually violent act], ... 53.8% indicated that they did nothing."

AAU Campus Climate Survey

@ Corporations

29% of adults have, while at an office holiday party, experienced or observed sexual advances between people who work together."


So, why do people fail to take action?

"Fear of privacy, retaliation, embarrassment, and lack of competence explain why bystanders hesitate to act."

Bystander Intervention Expert

How does xSoteria® overcome these barriers to intervention?

With xSoteria® bystanders can...

Here's what we offer








And here's what people are saying...

We've got you covered


Serving over 50,000 students, xSoteria® continues to grow at an astounding rate with a technological infrastructure to support future expansion.


The privacy of your information is our top priority. We manage a FERPA compliant back-end and our tools have successfully completed the ISO 27001 and SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 evaluation processes.


The xSoteria® team provides you with marketing materials and works directly with your student brand ambassadors.


Users can provide feedback via xSoteria®’s Rate and Report feature. This ensures users create a friendly space.

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xSoteria® is being utilized in various capacities at the following institutions...

University of Miami

University of Florida Blue Key

Cypress Bay High School

West Chester University